1st Batch - Applications Closed!

Sorry! Application closed as of 19 Feb 2011
  • The closing date was 18 Feb 2011, Friday
  • The date was set by the Malaysian Government Agency (MGA)
  • Will announce any new development for the 2nd Batch, if any.

Be an Approved Malaysia TNA Consultant!


This is an exciting Year 2011 as the Malaysia Government is intensifying the recruitment of Approved TNA Consultant!
  • TNA = Training Needs Analysis
  • Why? To enhance the momentum of retraining and skills upgrading of the workforce among qualified employers.

This is to enable qualified companies to retrain and upgrade the knowledge and skills of their workforce on a systematic basis so that they will be more competitive through:
  • higher productivity,
  • increased quality of service and
  • adoption of modern management techniques.  
Through the advisory and consultancy services offered, it is hoped that retraining and skills upgrading will be on needs basis, both current and future needs, to ensure that employers have the required skilled workforce in the right numbers and at the right time.


The objectives of the scheme are as follows :-
  1. To provide a fully-sponsored TNA (100%) training programme to HR personnel so that they are well-equipped with TNA concepts prior to the TNA study;
  2. To assist Qualified Companies to identify current and future training needs on a systematic basis, resulting in the preparation of annual training plans; and
  3. To assist and equip the management of Qualified Companies with training needs analysis (TNA) skills so that subsequent TNAs can be conducted by themselves.


The TNA consultancy service offered for qualified employers is Free

The fees incurred will be paid by the Malaysia Government Agency (MGA). Upon the implementation of the Annual Training Plan, the MGA shall provide free advisory services to the participating employers. This service is also aimed at facilitating and supporting the Qualified Companies  in:
  • planning,
  • selecting,
  • processing and
  • evaluating the improvement programmes.

See the 50% FREE Training Topics to support the Training Plan - Total 68 Topics (click here)

Free Only for Qualified Companies:

  • Non-qualified Companies has to pay for the TNA Consultancy
  • This FREE TNA is only for Qualified Companies based in Malaysia only.
  • Must meet the Terms and Conditions (T&C)