Sorry! Application closed as of 19 Feb 2011
  • The closing date was 18 Feb 2011, Friday
  • Will update here if there is any new development.
  • Not so sure if the Malaysia Government Agency (MGA) will conduct a 2nd Batch Recruitment exercise.

Want to Join Me in the TNA Journey?

Okay, some hard work is required:

A. Company: The company platform has already been done.
  • No need to register your company.
  • No need to pay RM-fees (USD).
  • No need to be audited.

B. Consultant: But on the personal basis, each Consultant who wants to join in the TNA Journey must do the following:
  1. Must provide the Biodata.
  2. Must submit a TNA Report that was conducted previously.
  3. Please see Sample TNA Report required.


  1. Objective on the Proposed TNA
  2. Methodology used in conducting TNA including Data Collection Tools
  3. Analysis process
  4. Findings and Recommendations.
  5. Capability Building - how do you plan to transfer the TNA knowledge and skills to the participating employers.

How To Apply?

A. The various Steps to be Approved as a Full Time TNA Consultant:
  1. Set up your own company - Too late now.

B. The various Steps to be Approved as a Part Time TNA Consultant:
  1. So much opportunities - work together as a Freelancer / Part Time with me!
  2. Using an approved company under PSMB - apply as Part Time TNA Consultant.
  3. Must send in  past 2 actual TNA Reports - 1 TNA for Manufacturing, 1 for Service Industry.
  4. Then we will wait for the Selection Committee  - to call us to go to KL to do presentation.
  5. Then after the presentation to the Selection Committee -  accept or reject application.
  6. See Dateline below - 18 Feb 2011, Friday.

Datelines to be met!

  1. The closing date for all Consultants to submit to ISO ACT,  the main coordinator ( is 16 Feb 2011 (Wednesday)
  2. The closing date to receive all submissions by the MGA (Malaysia Government Agency) is 18 Feb 2011 (Friday)
  3. If not selected by MGA, then Sayonara or good-bye.
  4. If selected - to conduct a Presentation before the MGA Selection Committee.
  • So, have to pay a visit to KL to do the Presentation.

    So, no harm to apply and join in the Journey! (ISO ACT -